Thursday Thirteen

Today’s Thursday Thirteen things that went wrong today:

1. Maddie got sick

2. My team wouldn’t email me back

3. Howard yelled at me about my team issues which made me cry. He wasn’t mad at me, he was mad at them.

4. I couldn’t get on my student website to do my worksheet due tonight for class.

5. Maddie wouldn’t let me do ANYTHING except hold her!

6. Howard couldn’t make Mackenzie’s Thanksgiving lunch

7. Howard’s tire blew out at work

8. I locked my keys in the van when I was supposed to be going to get Kenzie

9. I had to ask my mom for a favor (enough said)

10. Howard’s parents decided not to move this weekend which could possibly mean that I can’t go on my twilight date tonight.

11. I didn’t understand my assignment for class, and my instructor wouldn’t return my emails.

12. Both my kids cried when I left for class, which made me cry.

13. I found out that the girl that was supposed to do the other half of the paper for our final project has more then likely dropped the class, which leaves me to do the ENTIRE FINAL paper myself.

I want nothing more then today to be over. But I’m still in class right now.


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