Much better day

I journaled this entry at 5:31PM on November 21st 2008.

We’re on our way to Caldwell and since I can’t access the internet, I figured I write it out.

I had an excellent day today. A little hectic, but still fun! I got new clothes and shoes and got the girls a few things as well including Maddie’s Christmas dress. YAY! I let Maddie have a little to much freedom, letting her run through the stores as I browsed. I couldn’t look very well though because I was so worried what she was getting into if I couldn’t see her for more then a blink. I did have a good day though.

Howard got home early and helped me get ready for the trip considering I was gone the majority of the day. I am so excited about tonight and seeing Twilight with the girls. Ugh, I am so swept up in the Twilight fantasy, it’s rediculous. My poor husband. I totally need to get a grip, but that’s exactly opposite of what I’m going to do once I see that movie, I know.


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