My Twlight Experience

For those who haven’t seen Twilight, don’t read past this unless you want it to be spoiled, k?

First of all I got to see it with some of the best girlfriends ever, Marcy and Tasha. I also met some new friends that came with us, Jessica and Amanda.

The movie finally started and I didn’t take my eyes off of the screen. Bella was played by the beautiful Kristen Stewart. I heard by many that they didn’t think she could capture Bella as everyone saw her in their heads. She fit my view of Bella perfectly and frankly that surprised me! The guy that they got to play Mike, was TO THE T identical of what I thought he would look and be like in my mind. Eric was awesomely casted as well. Jacob Black, in one word, adorable. I cannot wait until New Moon when we see his character flourish. And now to the Cullens.

Now have you seen ‘The Wedding Date’? The part where ‘Nick’ winks at ‘TJ’ and ‘Kat’ and TJ says the awesome line ‘Oh my God I think I’ve just cum’

Yeah I had at least 12 of those moments. TMI I know, but I have to be honest.

The second Edward (Robert Patterson) walked into the Forks Cafeteria I moaned out loud which caused all 4 girls I was with to start laughing their heads off at me. Marcy and I CONTINUALLY did that throughout the movie, which ended up having the entire theater laughing at us because of it. First of all, the intense sexiness of Robert Patterson as Edward OVERWHELMED me. My poor husband. The intense looks, the voice, the crooked smiles, the strength and the kissing, omg the freaking kissing. The 15 or so seconds Bella and Edward are kissing in that movie was seriously the hottest 15 seconds I have ever witnessed. I stripped my sweater off and rolled up my sleeves after that scene.

During the Biology scene where Edward is trying to avoid Bella, Robert played that so well. I cracked up laughing the entire time.

The other characters I feel I need to mention is Alice. First of all Ashley Greene fit the bill perfectly. She is ADORABLE! Just how Alice should be! I totally love her! Rosalie was gorgeous! Nikki Reed captured her stubborn hatefulness reeeeeally well! Jackson Rathbone played Jasper and I swear I giggled every time they showed him. Think inner tortured emo like total Edward Scissorhands. He was AWESOME! Carslile was played by Peter Facinelli…whew…that guy is gooooood looking. Cam Gigandet played a perfect James. (which by the way it was freakin hilarious to watch Emmett, Jasper and Alice rip him apart). Oh and Rachelle Lafevre is freakin GOREGOUS and played an amazing Victoria!

The movie was great and definitely captured the essence of the book. Yes, they added some things in the movie to make more drama but I understand why they did.

I want to see it again badly. I feel sorry for my poor husband because now I can’t stop talking about it and he’s convinced I’m in love with Edward. (Yeah well, I’m not going to deny the truth) lol

The girls and I now made a pact that all the movies will be seen with us as a group.

A twilight tradition, ya’ll!


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  1. Kimm on

    I just got back a bit ago from seeing it. Seriously can Rob Patterson get any hotter? Holy balls.

    I liked the casting for the most part. I had an issue with Carlise and Esme. Peter Facinelli was in Can’t Hardly Wait, and that is all I could see. Esme will always be Ava/Rebecca from Grey’s. The Eric thing REALLY threw me off. I was not expecting a gay Asian kid. lol I love the casting of the other characters… Jasper cracked my ass up. I wish he played a bigger part in this movie than just looking stressed. lol

    I was hoping the glittering scene would have been better, but I will take what I can get.

    I am already dying for New Moon. I may have to go back and see Twilight again. lol

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