Major Men Rant

Men and me do not get along today.

This morning I was talking to my BFF Lora on the phone, we haven’t spoke in FOREVER and it was long overdue. Plus, my husband was nagging on me that we had a ton of minutes that weren’t going to roll over but needed to be used. So Howard was texting me and obviously I couldn’t hear it. So he got pissed that I didn’t respond. Sorry.
Then Howard gets here (he picks up Todd every morning and he goes with Howard on his deliveries-yeah Todd’s been with us since Saturday November 29th) and Todd had just woken up 10 minutes before. Although Howard woke him up at 8am this morning, he just got out of bed at 9:40. So I tell Todd that Howard is outside waiting and Todd screams at me asking what Howard wants for lunch then. I mean full out yelling. I tell him that he’s buying lunch and he storms out of the house. I deal with my husband yelling at me, but my brother in law who is living here and being supported COMPLETELY FREE!!!! Can you say ungrateful freeloader syndrome?!

Todd has just basically ignored me since he got home but since Howard got home, oh my bob.
He is yelling at me all the time for absolutely nothing. I seriously almost cried last time. On top of that he’s picking on me and I keep asking him to stop and he’s not. He is doing everything he can to upset me today. He was yelling at me, yelling at the kids and totally trying to upset me.

He succeeded. I am so done with men right now. I am seriously thinking about downing some NyQuil so I can fall asleep so he’ll leave me alone. That’s sad.


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