much needed update

This has been a long time coming. I’ve needed to update for a while but keep losing my train of thought.

The weekend after my last post my family loaded up and went to Houston for my family Christmas. We were the first ones there so we got to spend at least an extra hour and a half with my grandparents, which was nice. Then I saw all my cousins, aunts and uncles. Everyone was in attendance except for my parents. Everyone was also late which pissed my grandmother off to the highest degree. Once they all got there we left and went to the restaurant. The drinks were good, the conversation was not bad and the food was great! Maddie was pretty fussy half way into the meal so I had to take her outside. She also had an infatuation with my cousin Shari’s husband, Ryan. She kept pointing and saying, ‘him, him!’ She also was attached to Alyssa (my niece) by the hip! She calls her Lyssa, lol. Anyhoo- we went back to the house and the kids played their little game of white elephant and it went pretty well. Then the  kids got to open presents.

Mackenzie got a Orka Whale Webkin that she named Shammie, A preteen girls bible, Tinkerbell coloring books, ‘Here I am to worship’ kids  songs CD (which she loves and won’t stop listening to) and Ariel’s Beginning DVD. Oh and for the white elephant game, she got a wooden bead jewelry making set. She was in hog heaven!

Maddie got a purse, hair clips, a wooden block train (omg she adores that thing!), a play vacuum also played with on an hourly basis and some pajamas.

The adults played white elephant and everyone was pretty nice until our turn came up and we were snatched from and snatched back, it got dramatic, but fun! We ended up with the two gifts we came with ($25 worth of lotto scratch off’s and a Back and Decker Dust Buster wet & dry). I was very pleased! Then we headed home, and the girls did great on the drive home, thank God! Maddie fell asleep 10 minutes into the trip.

While Kenzie was off of school we finished our shopping up and spent a lot of time with family and with Danielle. We made dough ornaments for family and friends and that was a lot of fun! She also helped me a lot in the kitchen. I taught her how to  use the stove properly and she was able to make Macaroni and Cheese and even made the wing sauce for Christmas eve. She did awesome! Maddie loved having her sister home!

On Christmas Eve we spent the evening at our church. It was Howard’s oldest brother’s birthday and he drove up and came to church with us! It was so nice to see him and we had an amazing time at church. It was so beautiful and the songs were so much fun. Then we had communion which we needed. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a service more then I did that night. We we came home, Karl came with us and Howard’s family and us ate wings that I had made before we left.

Then it was Santa time…That was fun. We hadn’t put out any presents before Christmas in fear of Maddie getting into them and we really wanted that ‘WOW’ factor on the sight of all the presents on Christmas morning. So it took us over an hour to get all the presents out and stockings done. It was very fun though!

Christmas morning went smoothly. Maddie and Kenzie were in awe of the presents and very happy with what they got. We had both sets of grandparents there on Christmas morning, which was a big change from the norm.

The day after Christmas we went to my sister’s to have our Christmas with them. They went all out with dinner this year and my brother in law made the famous ‘rack’ by Outback Steakhouse with the Cabernet sauce, salad,  shrimp cocktail, roasted potatoes (I brought those), rolls (I brought those too) and steamed broccoli. It was absolutely hands down one of the BEST meals I have ever had! I have only had one experience with lamb and It wasn’t my favorite but this was plain amazing!

We got my sister and Rex this big candle set and some large jarred candles in their favorite scent. My sis got me this perfume set by Liz Claiborne and Howard got a grilling apron and pot holders with the Aggie logo on it. We were thrilled! Mackenzie got a Yorkie webkin (she already had the exact one, but that’s ok now she has twins) and a bunch of webkin paraphernalia. Maddie got an awesome outfit from Osh Kosh with shoes. It’s precious! We got Alyssa a horse game for her Nintendo DS and some paint by numbers with horses on them. We got Austin two bioncle lego sets.

After the holidays we were in a lull of nothingness and it was wonderful! We all needed  break! We did have a game night and dinner with my BFF and her family and that was a lot of fun! We’re planning on doing something similar this weekend as well!

New Years came around and we were excited at the prospect of actually having plans on New Years! We were planning on going to a party and having the night kid free. Didn’t work out that way. Both of our kids weren’t feeling well and neither was I. By noon on New Years day Kenzie and I were full on with the stomach flu. Howard called my mom in for reinforcements. By 6pm he had it too. Maddie got it during the night.  It was the worst stomach flu I had ever had. We were all so miserable. After 35 hours we were all able to keep stuff down. I woke up Saturday morning and my husband was on a cleaning frenzy! We got the house disinfected and spotless by Sunday morning.

And now we’re back in the daily routine with school for Kenzie and for us. It’s nice to be back in our routine! Maddie will be two tomorrow and I can hardly believe it. I’m totally baffled at how fast 2008 went!

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  1. Renee Hill on

    I understand and it will get better. Writing does help and lean on your support group when you need.

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