Thank God she’s back to normal

Eh I think I mean that, lol.

Yesterday Maddie spent the whole day screaming her head off for the oddest reason. Miss Maddie has the longest eyelashes EVER. Well, because she had allergy issues yesterday she kept rubbing her eyes. Her eyes were irritated and her lashes kept going in her eyes making her scream bloody murder. NOT PRETTY!

This morning she is much better. No allergy issues but she seems sleepy already, and she’s still an hour and a half away from nap time. But the eye issue totally freaked me out yesterday I am sooo glad we don’t have that problem today!

Another issue with my sweet Maddie is the climbing thing. This is new to me. Mackenzie was a pleaser. By that I mean she knew climbing on things made Mommy (and Nanny-we lived with my mom) very nervous so she just didn’t do it often. Maddie, hell no. That kid does what she wants when she wants and she usually scares me stupid. I need to color my hair from all of the gray hairs she has given me in the past month. Well, she is still cimbing and standing on stuff that scares me to death but now all of the sudden she is afraid to climb down. So, over and over she climbs in things and cries and screams until I get her down. {Tried to do the cry it out, she’ll figure it out method, yeah doesn’t work-she’ll scream for over an hour}

So that’s fun!

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