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much needed update

This has been a long time coming. I’ve needed to update for a while but keep losing my train of thought.

The weekend after my last post my family loaded up and went to Houston for my family Christmas. We were the first ones there so we got to spend at least an extra hour and a half with my grandparents, which was nice. Then I saw all my cousins, aunts and uncles. Everyone was in attendance except for my parents. Everyone was also late which pissed my grandmother off to the highest degree. Once they all got there we left and went to the restaurant. The drinks were good, the conversation was not bad and the food was great! Maddie was pretty fussy half way into the meal so I had to take her outside. She also had an infatuation with my cousin Shari’s husband, Ryan. She kept pointing and saying, ‘him, him!’ She also was attached to Alyssa (my niece) by the hip! She calls her Lyssa, lol. Anyhoo- we went back to the house and the kids played their little game of white elephant and it went pretty well. Then the  kids got to open presents.

Mackenzie got a Orka Whale Webkin that she named Shammie, A preteen girls bible, Tinkerbell coloring books, ‘Here I am to worship’ kids  songs CD (which she loves and won’t stop listening to) and Ariel’s Beginning DVD. Oh and for the white elephant game, she got a wooden bead jewelry making set. She was in hog heaven!

Maddie got a purse, hair clips, a wooden block train (omg she adores that thing!), a play vacuum also played with on an hourly basis and some pajamas.

The adults played white elephant and everyone was pretty nice until our turn came up and we were snatched from and snatched back, it got dramatic, but fun! We ended up with the two gifts we came with ($25 worth of lotto scratch off’s and a Back and Decker Dust Buster wet & dry). I was very pleased! Then we headed home, and the girls did great on the drive home, thank God! Maddie fell asleep 10 minutes into the trip.

While Kenzie was off of school we finished our shopping up and spent a lot of time with family and with Danielle. We made dough ornaments for family and friends and that was a lot of fun! She also helped me a lot in the kitchen. I taught her how to  use the stove properly and she was able to make Macaroni and Cheese and even made the wing sauce for Christmas eve. She did awesome! Maddie loved having her sister home!

On Christmas Eve we spent the evening at our church. It was Howard’s oldest brother’s birthday and he drove up and came to church with us! It was so nice to see him and we had an amazing time at church. It was so beautiful and the songs were so much fun. Then we had communion which we needed. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a service more then I did that night. We we came home, Karl came with us and Howard’s family and us ate wings that I had made before we left.

Then it was Santa time…That was fun. We hadn’t put out any presents before Christmas in fear of Maddie getting into them and we really wanted that ‘WOW’ factor on the sight of all the presents on Christmas morning. So it took us over an hour to get all the presents out and stockings done. It was very fun though!

Christmas morning went smoothly. Maddie and Kenzie were in awe of the presents and very happy with what they got. We had both sets of grandparents there on Christmas morning, which was a big change from the norm.

The day after Christmas we went to my sister’s to have our Christmas with them. They went all out with dinner this year and my brother in law made the famous ‘rack’ by Outback Steakhouse with the Cabernet sauce, salad,  shrimp cocktail, roasted potatoes (I brought those), rolls (I brought those too) and steamed broccoli. It was absolutely hands down one of the BEST meals I have ever had! I have only had one experience with lamb and It wasn’t my favorite but this was plain amazing!

We got my sister and Rex this big candle set and some large jarred candles in their favorite scent. My sis got me this perfume set by Liz Claiborne and Howard got a grilling apron and pot holders with the Aggie logo on it. We were thrilled! Mackenzie got a Yorkie webkin (she already had the exact one, but that’s ok now she has twins) and a bunch of webkin paraphernalia. Maddie got an awesome outfit from Osh Kosh with shoes. It’s precious! We got Alyssa a horse game for her Nintendo DS and some paint by numbers with horses on them. We got Austin two bioncle lego sets.

After the holidays we were in a lull of nothingness and it was wonderful! We all needed  break! We did have a game night and dinner with my BFF and her family and that was a lot of fun! We’re planning on doing something similar this weekend as well!

New Years came around and we were excited at the prospect of actually having plans on New Years! We were planning on going to a party and having the night kid free. Didn’t work out that way. Both of our kids weren’t feeling well and neither was I. By noon on New Years day Kenzie and I were full on with the stomach flu. Howard called my mom in for reinforcements. By 6pm he had it too. Maddie got it during the night.  It was the worst stomach flu I had ever had. We were all so miserable. After 35 hours we were all able to keep stuff down. I woke up Saturday morning and my husband was on a cleaning frenzy! We got the house disinfected and spotless by Sunday morning.

And now we’re back in the daily routine with school for Kenzie and for us. It’s nice to be back in our routine! Maddie will be two tomorrow and I can hardly believe it. I’m totally baffled at how fast 2008 went!


This is going to be one long entry so go grab a cup of coffee first, and get me a grande Carmel macciato while you’re at it, k?

First of all I totally didn’t follow through with NaBloPoMo which makes me so mad at myself. It’s not like I didn’t have a ton to talk about, I did, I just got busy lol.

Kenzie’s great! Had a good week off for Thanksgiving played with her cousins and friends twice and really had fun spending time with her sister and daddy. Her grades are doing very well, I am so proud of her!

Maddie’s awesome too. She loved Thanksgiving, because she is a turkey, lol. She has been uncharacteristically sweet to relatives she doesn’t seen often which resulted in a lot of ‘awwww’s’. She is fascinated by the lights outside that Howard spent 4 days putting up and the Christmas decor on the interior of the house. She calls the lights ‘Pretties’. So, whenever she sees them on she screams, ‘PRETTIES ON!!!!!!!!!!!’ It’s precious! She got her first kiss on Friday, by a cousin but on the lips none the less, poor Derek, not a chance buddy.

My mom is slowly crawling back on her rocker. She’s gone back to the doctor and got back on her meds, YAY! Her diabetes is out of control which her doctor is pretty convinced that it may of caused a mini stroke a week ago. She has been sick for days now, all her medicine is going to take a while to kick in and work correctly again.

Howard’s doing good. He was having trouble with a professor of his recently and basically he called her out on being too critical and now she’s being better about it. His other class he’s doing amazing in! Job is going well, he loves it and the people he works with! Todd has been staying with us and going to work with him everyday so he’s not stuck in the house with me all day, which he doesn’t mind but he’d rather spend time with his brother, I don’t blame him at all! He has had a lot of fun Griswolding our house. It looks just beautiful! (yes, I’ll post pics soon!)

Now for me, I suppose. My learning team issues are not solved in any way. But the dreaded paper is almost done and will be finalized when I get the girls other part of the paper, she has sent me approximitely 300 useable words. She was supposed to give me around 1200! I’m upto 1800 so far. Just waiting. Hopefully she doesn’t take too much longer because it has to be posted before class on Thursday night. Speaking of Thursday, it’s my LAST CLASS!!!!! YAY!!!

Play by Play of other events:

Our Thanksgiving was great, food was awesome, my in laws and parents were here.
I got up at 4am and did Black Friday shopping and got soaked but tons of good deals, Howard slept in, butthead lol.
Friday’s Thanksgiving with my family was great. Kids had a blast and I really enjoyed spending time with my family. Howard was his normal, charming self lol.
Saturday we didn’t do anything except clean the house, relax, put up Christmas stuff and work on my papers.
Sunday we went to Church, went shopping and then went to my niece’s surprise birthday party. They’re going to Disney World for her real birthday and she was sad that she wasn’t going to have a birthday party with her friends and family so my sister threw her a surprise party.

Since then I’ve just been trying to finish these papers. I got my individual one done and turned in on Saturday.

So, that’s what’s been up with me. Now I need to get Maddie ready and go get Kenzie from school and take the girls to get their flu shots. Man are they going to be mad at me!


We ended up going to Caldwell today and man am I glad I’m home. Trip was good, kids were great until about 3pm. Kenzie had a TON of sugar (Mother in law, grandparents) and got a horrible stomach ache. She passed out shortly after, so did Maddie. When they woke up they were both unhappy and we left. We made it about…oh a mile and a half and Kenzie starting throwing her guts up ALL OVER THE VAN! Which proceeded to get all over the left side of the van, driver side and all. Scared Madison to death. It was a mess.

Maddie cried all the way home. She’s in bed now.

Kenzie didn’t throw up again, but her stomach hurts. She’s in bed now as well.

Let me clarify, we let our kids have sugar. But not much. She is not used to having sugar. Maybe a sucker every now and then and some juice. For the most part she drinks crystal light and eats sugar free Popsicles. Obviously it took a toll on her having orange soda, push pop Popsicle x2, sweet tea, koolaide, sonic ice cream shake and a cherry limeade from sonic. Geez. That makes me nauseas reading that!

Anyway, when we got home, I jumped out of the van and screamed ‘LAND!!!!!’ Which caused a laughing riot from the whole car.

I’m now going to bed because we’re supposed to be joining our church tomorrow at 9am.

And why am I being blamed for this again?

Picture it…

-You have a set income from social security disability and a piece of a retirement settlement from your last marriage.
-Your parents pay your rent
-Your parents bought you a car, first with your inheritance so no money out of your pocket once so ever but you let one of your drug dealers borrow it, they ended up keeping it for a month (stealing it basically) and totaling it.
-The money you get from the insurance company, which you’re supposed to go buy a new car with you blow on drugs, alcohol…who knows what else.
-So, your parents bought you a new car, but now you get to choose your monthly payment rate and you have to pay them every month for it. Oh and don’t forget, they’re still paying 100% of your rent.

And now…

2 months, no car payment
All of your utilities are being threatened to be shut off because of nonpayment
You have no money for food or necessities

And because at the beginning of LAST month I asked you to pay me the $200 THAT YOU OWED ME you feel the need to blame ME for your financial problems? You tell my grandmother that you had to pay my rent so we could keep our house to keep her off your back. Then you call me four times when I’m at my daughter’s school SCREAMING at me, blaming me for her threatening to take your car away, quit paying your rent and for telling her the TRUTH (that she didn’t pay my rent, she just paid me the money she OWED me)!!


I am so sick of being drug through the dirt and drama.

Lots of mumbo jumbo

I AM WE ARE OFFICIALLY A STUDENTS! On Friday night Howard and I met with an enrollment counselor and got enrolled in COLLEGE!!! Holy Monkey!

Howard’s going for his associates degree in business management. When he’s done with that he’s going to pick his degree of specialization and go for his Bachelors. I am so proud of him! He chose to get his associates degree now, instead of going straight for his Bachelors so he could have the opportunity to work WITH his associates degree while attaining his bachelors. Which makes sense!

I am going straight for my Bachelors. Since I’m already a stay at home mom and just work when needed and volunteer at Kenzie’s school. When I graduate my degree with say something along the lines of ‘Bachelor of Science in Information Technology specializing in Network, Telecommunications’. Woof.

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am. I’m also VERY nervous! To start, I’m taking classes at the campus. Then transferring online to do the rest. The thing I’m most scared of is Algebra. Ha! I so suck at math! Howard’s classes are strictly online, which works for him. We’ve both applied for financial assistance and Grants and should hear something by the end of the week pertaining to the status of those. I need to get a laptop ASAP. I cannot imagine having to hand write all my notes for class, so hopefully that moola comes in sooner rather then later. Howard’s classes start October 27th and mine start October 30th.

This weekend we went to see Howard’s family. They had this great little party at a beautiful park and we had a very good time. They were very excited to hear our news {Although most looked VERY disappointed when I said I wasn’t pregnant} and very supportive as well.

And other then that…

My extended family is treating me like I’m insignificant, once again. This does get old. Sometimes I really do with that I didn’t care about their views of me and how they treat me. Is there a pill for that?

Check out pictures from this weekend after the jump

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Well, Ike is going to have a spewing fest on the coast of Texas. This is definitely affecting my family. Here’s how…

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The day started with me being super mom. I got up at 5am, got Howard off to work {yes he had to work a few hours} and got myself ready and finished packing us up. Then after I loaded the car, hubby came home, we woke the children up and off we went.

Kenzie in the car on the way

The drive wasn’t too terrible. Maddie was pissed, no doubt because she HATES her car seat like I hate Ben Stein. Traffic wasn’t pretty either. We finally made it to Danielle’s.

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My dad’s been in the hospital since Thursday night. Totally random…

He got bit on the foot by what we found out now was a brown recluse {I got bit by one when I was 2, and have a horrible scar from it on my leg}. The bite quickly turned into a staph infection and not only has he been pumped with the strongest anitibiotics in the world, had surgery to remove the initial point of infection, but he’s been claimed ‘QUARNTINED’ by the state! {I always told him he was contagious, HA!}

As scary as that sounds, he’s doing well. Should get out of the hospital no later then Thursday if the cultures and tests come back ok. The main problem they had was first diagnosing him with the strain if staph he has {which is the staph super bug, you know, the one that kills people} and the poor circulation in his feet because of his diabetes.

Every day he gets better, so hopefully he’ll be home and back to ‘normal’ soon…with a gnarly scar on his foot.

Maddie has therapy in like an hour, so I should be cleaning the house, yeah I don’t care lol. I have so much crap on my mind between my dad, the trip on Friday and my own bullshit.

I’ve always said I have a rich inner life, which I do, but man…lately it’s become annoying lol. I feel like rebeling! Like getting a tattoo or dying my hair a weird color or cutting the crust off my sandwich.

Yeah, I’m hardcore. lol

9 days and a million thoughts later

June 10th- Found out that a dear friend passed away a month ago.

June 11th- Got one of the most heart wrenching phone calls of my life. My ‘aunt’ passed away suddenly. My mom is so distraught. I’m in shock.

June 12th- My mom heard back from her MRI. They think she may need surgery on her spine. She has to see an orthopedic surgeon next week. Maddie crawled. Yes, she’s crawling. At 17 months, my punkin pie figured out how to crawl! *tear*

June 13th- Friday the 13th. We spent the day finding clothes for my mom for the funeral and mentally preparing ourselves for it.

June 14th- I saw people today I haven’t seen since I was 4 foot tall. We were greeted with open arms and I haven’t cried that hard since Morgan. Listening to my beautiful ‘cousin’ talk about her mom and about her life was so amazing. Looking at all the gorgeous pictures framed by hundreds of purple candles. Listening to her favorite songs. ‘The Reason’ had my mom balling uncontrollably. And just when she calmed down…I lost it. I don’t lose it. Do you get that? I just don’t. Ever. I did. ‘With Arms wide open’ starts the first line and I am a mess. That song meant so much to my ‘aunt’ and I.  Something we shared together. Seeing her kids so hollow with tears running down their faces and hearing her grandkids sobbing. It is #2 on the hardest things I have ever experienced list, by far. After the funeral, I needed a drink and I got them. Hard ones.

June 15th- I made a big breakfast and we did things that Howard wanted to do. He wanted to take us {kids, me, him and his mom} out to lunch at his favorite steak house. Then he wanted to go into Toys R Us and buy each kid something they didn’t need. We got him a bunch of cards and a cook book that he wanted.

June 16th- Today I wallowed in my thoughts. Kept thinking about how that could of been me grieving at that funeral and how health wise I always thought my mom was in worse health. I got very scared. As psycho as she is, we are so close now. Closer then we have been in years. And Kenzie…oh God. The thought makes me sick.

June 17th- We had PT today. Our therapist was so happy to see the progress! She showed me all sorts of ways to help her out in her next step, I’m so excited. She is catching on so fast. But I’m also scared. She is catching on so fast! lol She’s a fast crawler, already! Her sister loves it, she follows her around like a puppy lol.

And today…Was my moms appointment with the orthopedic surgeon. He doesn’t think she’ll need surgery, right now. He does think she needs some physical therapy with that and medication he thinks we can get the shoulder moving again. Once she can move, then he will determine if surgery is needed.

Between my kids and parents. For the next 6 weeks, I have doctors appointments every week for the next 6 weeks, at least twice a week. Damn you gas prices!

The end of April

4/21/08- Alright Yoda
We finally heard back from the PT people! Geez!
Anyway, the lady is VERY nice and I really enjoyed talking to her. I think we’ll get along just fine! They’re coming on Friday and I couldn’t be happier! She’s bringing a trainee with her, I don’t mind, more people to show my baby off too, oo, did I just say that?
My mom is going to be here during the visit so she can keep Kenzie happy and I can focus on the therapist and Maddie.
And then to the dark side if you will…
We got served with an eviction notice today. That’s beyond embarassing to say, I can’t even TELL you how it bruises my pride. Our rent hasn’t been paid for April and we pray that we can get it paid so it gets cleared up.
All of our good rental history, gone. God I hate the damn economy! We can’t even get hired at McNasty! And we even tried! No joke! Don’t ask me what we’re going to do, because frankly I don’t know.
I spent the last few hours holding Maddie and Kenzie and crying. I know it wasn’t healthy but I couldn’t let them go. I let them laugh at me, and boy did they ever! Maddie kept wanting to stand up, and touch my tears as they fell. She laughed so hard, she passed gas. How could I not smile at that?

Edit: Today is a bad day for renters! My bestest friend Lora was told that the house that her and her family {husband and 2 kids} have lived in since they got married is being put on the market. Like now.

4/22/08- Mama bear
We had our appointment with the vice principal today. It went very well. Basically we just told her what we heard happened from Mackenzie and how it affected her and our concerns.
Which basically are that she will not be teased, taunted or embarassed any more by this experience. Considering she already has had self image and self esteem issues, she doesn’t need any help with that.
She wrote all of my concerns and points down and I have to admit, she seemed threatened or scared by me. I think she was expecting me to go nutso on her and get all protective and mama bear-ish. Moi?!
But I didn’t! I kept my cool! I reminded myself that this was a young boy who did this, a young boy who is her friend and didn’t mean to hurt her and probably didn’t even realize the audacity of his actions. I also reminded myself that we love this school, it’s teachers and administrators. They’re amazing and they always go to great lengths to keep it’s kids safe and happy.
Basically, it couldn’t of gone better.
Oh and Maddie’s taking a second nap right now…maybe we’re not done with the 2 nap thing after all!

4/24/08 Crap-o-la
Well we got the date for our court appearance for the eviction.
Oh and…I’m officially not watching American Idol for the rest of the season starting last night. Carly Smithson got voted off. I threw up. I try not to get too involved with reality TV, hell who am I kidding, I live vicariously through my television lol.
4/25/08 Cry me a river
Today was Maddie’s first PT eval. The Early Intervention specialist was going to come out and watch her and talk to me about her and what they think they can do for her. The lady was a sweetheart, her name is Jan. I hope I get to keep working with her because I took to her personality immediately {anyone who knows all 70’s music lyrics is too cool for school in my book}. Maddie seemed to like her as well.
Right before they got here, Kenzie and my parents showed up from getting her at school. Kenzie was riled up and Maddie wanted to play with her. So, when she couldn’t, she got pissed. My parents were supposed to keep Kenzie occupied, didn’t work so well. We had 8 people in our house {me, mom, dad, kenzers, maddie, todd, jan and her shadower, becky} and Maddie and I were supposed to concentrate. Didn’t work so well.
Jan immediately determined that she needed help. Not by a physical therapist, she thinks. It doesn’t seem medical and she thinks she just needs a little assistance and she’ll be right on track. Score!
Then she asked me about our financial situation. If we were able to provide for our children and just then, my mom had walked in and told them we were in dire need of financial help because of Howard not having a job. I started to cry. Like an idiot. My mom left and I got absolutely hysterical with silent sobs. It has got to rank up there as one of the most humiliating experiences of my life. I don’t even like crying in front of my husband! And here I was crying in front of two total strangers!
Through sobs I told them the whole story and I totally had an anxiety attack. I guess the realization of losing our home, what’s going on with Kenzie, what’s going on with Maddie, just crashed down on me all at once. They showed nothing but concern and compassion and passed zero judgment. They offered me some contacts of some agencies that might be able to help us. Then they excused themselves. I walked outside, handed my dad the baby, went into the bathroom and cried for half an hour. It was like a flood.
Between our financial woes, telling the painful, bittersweet story of the twins birth, having to explain Morgan, something being wrong with Maddie…it all came crashing down.
Finally, it stopped. When I left the bathroom everyone wanted a play by play of what happened with the appointment, which I did not want to talk about that, or anything for that matter. I was numb.
By 9pm…our entire life had changed.
Howard had came home, with a job offer. A real one that could support our family the way we’ve wanted to for years.
My grandparents, after hearing this news, called to tell us to meet my sister tomorrow and get the money they decided to lend us to pay off the eviction crap and pay our rent until June 1st.
Howard and I held each other as we cried in the kitchen after realizing that everything was going to be ok. And promised each other that this would never happen again.

4/26/08 Flipside
We met my sister today at my niece’s last gymnastic meet. She did very well! I was a very proud aunt. Howard loved watching her, considering he hadn’t been a meet and he adores my niece and nephew like they were his.
We saw a demonstration of what she will be doing next year and my sister looked like she was going to throw up lol. It’s very complicated, but Alyssa’s very talented and I think she’ll do beautifully.
We got the money from her and a huge sigh of relief came over us. No, I didn’t cry again, lol.

4/28/08 Hot blooded
I have been so beyond sick today. 103 fever. Kill me.
Oh, I paid our rent today in my sickened stupor. 🙂

4/29/08 Lawyer
I woke up this morning still feeling crappy so I went and got my parents. Sometimes I love that they don’t work. My mom cleaned my house and took care of Maddie while I was a vegetable.
While I was vegging Howard got some disturbing news about Able Body, the contract labor place he works through. Apparently there is a clause in the contract that states that he cannot go to work for any company he is called out to for that company. If he does then he has to pay a fine, ect.
Well, to make a long story short. He and I both showed up at Able Body that afternoon and demanded to see the contract. They REFUSED to let us see the copy that Howard signed but they gave us a new copy and it said he can not take a TEMPORARY job from any company that they dispatch him to. Umm, not a temporary job here.
This is not the end of this. I’ve already called a lawyer.

4/30/08 No worries
Apparently, we no longer have a need to contact a lawyer.
The company that is going to hire Howard, called Red River Services. They’re a recycling/trash company. He’s going to be doing quality control, assistant project manager and eventually project manager.
Anyway, they BOUGHT Howard’s contract from Able Body. Done. Over.