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Thank God she’s back to normal

Eh I think I mean that, lol.

Yesterday Maddie spent the whole day screaming her head off for the oddest reason. Miss Maddie has the longest eyelashes EVER. Well, because she had allergy issues yesterday she kept rubbing her eyes. Her eyes were irritated and her lashes kept going in her eyes making her scream bloody murder. NOT PRETTY!

This morning she is much better. No allergy issues but she seems sleepy already, and she’s still an hour and a half away from nap time. But the eye issue totally freaked me out yesterday I am sooo glad we don’t have that problem today!

Another issue with my sweet Maddie is the climbing thing. This is new to me. Mackenzie was a pleaser. By that I mean she knew climbing on things made Mommy (and Nanny-we lived with my mom) very nervous so she just didn’t do it often. Maddie, hell no. That kid does what she wants when she wants and she usually scares me stupid. I need to color my hair from all of the gray hairs she has given me in the past month. Well, she is still cimbing and standing on stuff that scares me to death but now all of the sudden she is afraid to climb down. So, over and over she climbs in things and cries and screams until I get her down. {Tried to do the cry it out, she’ll figure it out method, yeah doesn’t work-she’ll scream for over an hour}

So that’s fun!

In Rememberance

I just watched the most precious 29 minutes and 57 seconds I have ever seen. I haven’t watched that tape since before Morgan passed. I’ve needed to watch it as an affirmation of life. To see with my own eyes and remember that at one point my baby was thriving, living inside me. I watched her move, dance, yawn, hiccup, kick her sister in the head, suck her thumb and interact with her sister in a way I will never see again in this life. That was such a beautiful thing to watch. But the thing that meant most to me was the 48 seconds of strong, beautiful heartbeat.
Kenzie asked me this morning on the way to school when Morgan died. I think she has a feeling that it was today. I told her that it was coming up, and coming soon. I didn’t want to spoil her Christmas party day. I normally never deter her from talking about Morgan but this morning I had to, for her.

I have been dwelling on my regrets surrounding Morgan’s death so much in the past few weeks. I know it’s unhealthy, but hard to do in these circumstances. I am just so thankful for Maddie, and that she’s healthy and safe. I’m so thankful that I had Morgan in my arms for those sweet moments.

Every Gift Comes From Above
We were blessed with twins, to cherish and love.
Born together to grow apart,
One in our hands and one in our heart.

If we could have a lifetime wish
A dream that would come true,
We’d pray to God with all our hearts
For yesterday and You.
A thousand words can’t bring you back
We know because we’ve tried…
Neither will a thousand tears
We know because we’ve cried…
You left behind our broken hearts
And happy memories too…
But we never wanted memories
We only wanted You.

The following was written in a card that the nurses gave us in the hospital after we had Morgan.
Gone but not forgotten
There is a little angel, with God up in the sky.
She sings a special song, Mommy and Madison please don’t cry.
Remember our tummy time and the joy I gave you.
Dear Mommy and Madison please don’t cry, I’m watching over you.

Morgan Kathleen
Received in Heaven on December 18th, 2006
Born on January 9th, 2007 at 3:05 PM

2 pounds and 15 3/4 inches long


I am starting to get a little anxious about all my work due in the next few weeks. I just feel like I have a lot on my plate right now. Which I kinda do. The holidays, my kids, school, work, Howard, his parents issues and oh so much more. It’s just getting a little overwhelming.

As for work, I haven’t worked in the office in a few weeks. My entire staff of coworkers was let go and since technically I wasn’t hired on with the company they just basically haven’t called me in. I submitted my resume to Howard’s boss. They’re hiring tech support and a CSR and I’m their #1 canadiate. Go me! It’s a great company that is treating my husband very well. Also, it’s a small company growing company. I’d love to be able to help it grow. So, I’m very excited about that.

Ok, this took me forever. Maddie is pissed and yes, still awake. Howard’s passed out on the couch and I’m supposed to be working on my essay. But when I typed in, “kill me now” I decided I did enough for one night.

9 days and a million thoughts later

June 10th- Found out that a dear friend passed away a month ago.

June 11th- Got one of the most heart wrenching phone calls of my life. My ‘aunt’ passed away suddenly. My mom is so distraught. I’m in shock.

June 12th- My mom heard back from her MRI. They think she may need surgery on her spine. She has to see an orthopedic surgeon next week. Maddie crawled. Yes, she’s crawling. At 17 months, my punkin pie figured out how to crawl! *tear*

June 13th- Friday the 13th. We spent the day finding clothes for my mom for the funeral and mentally preparing ourselves for it.

June 14th- I saw people today I haven’t seen since I was 4 foot tall. We were greeted with open arms and I haven’t cried that hard since Morgan. Listening to my beautiful ‘cousin’ talk about her mom and about her life was so amazing. Looking at all the gorgeous pictures framed by hundreds of purple candles. Listening to her favorite songs. ‘The Reason’ had my mom balling uncontrollably. And just when she calmed down…I lost it. I don’t lose it. Do you get that? I just don’t. Ever. I did. ‘With Arms wide open’ starts the first line and I am a mess. That song meant so much to my ‘aunt’ and I.  Something we shared together. Seeing her kids so hollow with tears running down their faces and hearing her grandkids sobbing. It is #2 on the hardest things I have ever experienced list, by far. After the funeral, I needed a drink and I got them. Hard ones.

June 15th- I made a big breakfast and we did things that Howard wanted to do. He wanted to take us {kids, me, him and his mom} out to lunch at his favorite steak house. Then he wanted to go into Toys R Us and buy each kid something they didn’t need. We got him a bunch of cards and a cook book that he wanted.

June 16th- Today I wallowed in my thoughts. Kept thinking about how that could of been me grieving at that funeral and how health wise I always thought my mom was in worse health. I got very scared. As psycho as she is, we are so close now. Closer then we have been in years. And Kenzie…oh God. The thought makes me sick.

June 17th- We had PT today. Our therapist was so happy to see the progress! She showed me all sorts of ways to help her out in her next step, I’m so excited. She is catching on so fast. But I’m also scared. She is catching on so fast! lol She’s a fast crawler, already! Her sister loves it, she follows her around like a puppy lol.

And today…Was my moms appointment with the orthopedic surgeon. He doesn’t think she’ll need surgery, right now. He does think she needs some physical therapy with that and medication he thinks we can get the shoulder moving again. Once she can move, then he will determine if surgery is needed.

Between my kids and parents. For the next 6 weeks, I have doctors appointments every week for the next 6 weeks, at least twice a week. Damn you gas prices!

The end of April

4/21/08- Alright Yoda
We finally heard back from the PT people! Geez!
Anyway, the lady is VERY nice and I really enjoyed talking to her. I think we’ll get along just fine! They’re coming on Friday and I couldn’t be happier! She’s bringing a trainee with her, I don’t mind, more people to show my baby off too, oo, did I just say that?
My mom is going to be here during the visit so she can keep Kenzie happy and I can focus on the therapist and Maddie.
And then to the dark side if you will…
We got served with an eviction notice today. That’s beyond embarassing to say, I can’t even TELL you how it bruises my pride. Our rent hasn’t been paid for April and we pray that we can get it paid so it gets cleared up.
All of our good rental history, gone. God I hate the damn economy! We can’t even get hired at McNasty! And we even tried! No joke! Don’t ask me what we’re going to do, because frankly I don’t know.
I spent the last few hours holding Maddie and Kenzie and crying. I know it wasn’t healthy but I couldn’t let them go. I let them laugh at me, and boy did they ever! Maddie kept wanting to stand up, and touch my tears as they fell. She laughed so hard, she passed gas. How could I not smile at that?

Edit: Today is a bad day for renters! My bestest friend Lora was told that the house that her and her family {husband and 2 kids} have lived in since they got married is being put on the market. Like now.

4/22/08- Mama bear
We had our appointment with the vice principal today. It went very well. Basically we just told her what we heard happened from Mackenzie and how it affected her and our concerns.
Which basically are that she will not be teased, taunted or embarassed any more by this experience. Considering she already has had self image and self esteem issues, she doesn’t need any help with that.
She wrote all of my concerns and points down and I have to admit, she seemed threatened or scared by me. I think she was expecting me to go nutso on her and get all protective and mama bear-ish. Moi?!
But I didn’t! I kept my cool! I reminded myself that this was a young boy who did this, a young boy who is her friend and didn’t mean to hurt her and probably didn’t even realize the audacity of his actions. I also reminded myself that we love this school, it’s teachers and administrators. They’re amazing and they always go to great lengths to keep it’s kids safe and happy.
Basically, it couldn’t of gone better.
Oh and Maddie’s taking a second nap right now…maybe we’re not done with the 2 nap thing after all!

4/24/08 Crap-o-la
Well we got the date for our court appearance for the eviction.
Oh and…I’m officially not watching American Idol for the rest of the season starting last night. Carly Smithson got voted off. I threw up. I try not to get too involved with reality TV, hell who am I kidding, I live vicariously through my television lol.
4/25/08 Cry me a river
Today was Maddie’s first PT eval. The Early Intervention specialist was going to come out and watch her and talk to me about her and what they think they can do for her. The lady was a sweetheart, her name is Jan. I hope I get to keep working with her because I took to her personality immediately {anyone who knows all 70’s music lyrics is too cool for school in my book}. Maddie seemed to like her as well.
Right before they got here, Kenzie and my parents showed up from getting her at school. Kenzie was riled up and Maddie wanted to play with her. So, when she couldn’t, she got pissed. My parents were supposed to keep Kenzie occupied, didn’t work so well. We had 8 people in our house {me, mom, dad, kenzers, maddie, todd, jan and her shadower, becky} and Maddie and I were supposed to concentrate. Didn’t work so well.
Jan immediately determined that she needed help. Not by a physical therapist, she thinks. It doesn’t seem medical and she thinks she just needs a little assistance and she’ll be right on track. Score!
Then she asked me about our financial situation. If we were able to provide for our children and just then, my mom had walked in and told them we were in dire need of financial help because of Howard not having a job. I started to cry. Like an idiot. My mom left and I got absolutely hysterical with silent sobs. It has got to rank up there as one of the most humiliating experiences of my life. I don’t even like crying in front of my husband! And here I was crying in front of two total strangers!
Through sobs I told them the whole story and I totally had an anxiety attack. I guess the realization of losing our home, what’s going on with Kenzie, what’s going on with Maddie, just crashed down on me all at once. They showed nothing but concern and compassion and passed zero judgment. They offered me some contacts of some agencies that might be able to help us. Then they excused themselves. I walked outside, handed my dad the baby, went into the bathroom and cried for half an hour. It was like a flood.
Between our financial woes, telling the painful, bittersweet story of the twins birth, having to explain Morgan, something being wrong with Maddie…it all came crashing down.
Finally, it stopped. When I left the bathroom everyone wanted a play by play of what happened with the appointment, which I did not want to talk about that, or anything for that matter. I was numb.
By 9pm…our entire life had changed.
Howard had came home, with a job offer. A real one that could support our family the way we’ve wanted to for years.
My grandparents, after hearing this news, called to tell us to meet my sister tomorrow and get the money they decided to lend us to pay off the eviction crap and pay our rent until June 1st.
Howard and I held each other as we cried in the kitchen after realizing that everything was going to be ok. And promised each other that this would never happen again.

4/26/08 Flipside
We met my sister today at my niece’s last gymnastic meet. She did very well! I was a very proud aunt. Howard loved watching her, considering he hadn’t been a meet and he adores my niece and nephew like they were his.
We saw a demonstration of what she will be doing next year and my sister looked like she was going to throw up lol. It’s very complicated, but Alyssa’s very talented and I think she’ll do beautifully.
We got the money from her and a huge sigh of relief came over us. No, I didn’t cry again, lol.

4/28/08 Hot blooded
I have been so beyond sick today. 103 fever. Kill me.
Oh, I paid our rent today in my sickened stupor. 🙂

4/29/08 Lawyer
I woke up this morning still feeling crappy so I went and got my parents. Sometimes I love that they don’t work. My mom cleaned my house and took care of Maddie while I was a vegetable.
While I was vegging Howard got some disturbing news about Able Body, the contract labor place he works through. Apparently there is a clause in the contract that states that he cannot go to work for any company he is called out to for that company. If he does then he has to pay a fine, ect.
Well, to make a long story short. He and I both showed up at Able Body that afternoon and demanded to see the contract. They REFUSED to let us see the copy that Howard signed but they gave us a new copy and it said he can not take a TEMPORARY job from any company that they dispatch him to. Umm, not a temporary job here.
This is not the end of this. I’ve already called a lawyer.

4/30/08 No worries
Apparently, we no longer have a need to contact a lawyer.
The company that is going to hire Howard, called Red River Services. They’re a recycling/trash company. He’s going to be doing quality control, assistant project manager and eventually project manager.
Anyway, they BOUGHT Howard’s contract from Able Body. Done. Over.

April 5th-9th

4/5/08- Birthday Party x2
Kenzie was being quite defiant today, I didn’t think we were going to do birthday parties at first. But then she straightened up when I threatened her with being homebound instead of a party girl and man it worked!
The first party was for a girl that was in Kenzie’s Kindergarten class, and they’re still friends and we love her parents! It was at Main Event Entertainment which we had never been to. Kenzie bowled and kicked everyones butt! Seriously, out of 15 kids, including boys, she got the highest score!

Surprisingly Maddie did AWESOME the whole party! The bowling didn’t scare her at all, I thought it would, I’m glad I was wrong. After the bowling, the kids went in and had pizza, cake and Kellie (birthday girl) opened presents.

Birthday Girl:

Then we went into the arcade and Kenzie continued to kick butt on racing games and air hockey. We had a small gap in time between this party and the next. We took the girls home, got Kenzie and Maddie changed, packed Maddie a bag and got dressed ourselves. We took Maddie to my mom’s for the evening because Howard decided to give us a date night, SCORE!
We dropped Kenzie off at my cousins and headed to eat mexican food, and omg it was delicious! I had a margarita that was very strong, but very good.
Then we went to pick up Mackenzie from the party and my aunt, cousin, sister, niece x2 and Kenzie forced convinced me to sing a karaoke duet with Mackenzie. They videotaped it and got pictures, I’ll try to pry the evidence away from them and share it with you.

Cousins: L-R Kenzie, Ashley {birthday girl} & Alyssa

Diva baby!

We were singing to eachother

We were tipsy…and it’s the first picture taken of just us in FOREVER!

4/6/08- Repercussions
Yesterday evenings strong margarita has had bad consequences.
My ulcer is killing me. I’ve been doubled over in pain all day.
To top it off…I’m pretty sure we all have spring fever. Runny noses, coughs, sore throat, light fevers, it’s lovely.
We planned on going to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in downtown but with gas prices about at $3.50 a gallon that wasn’t happening, considering it’s 30 miles away.
Not to mention with all the sinus issues, wildflowers is not where we need to be. Hopefully we can try again this coming weekend. I hope so.
I finally got Howard to sit and watch Enchanted with Kenzie and I. He loved it of course. God that movie is so cute, and the music is catchy and ‘uppidy’.

4/7/08- le sigh
I love you Lora, lol.
Text from her:
A fairy tale: One day, long, long ago…
There lived a woman who didn’t whine, nag or bitch. But this was a very long time ago and it was just that one day. The end.

4/8/08- Mom and Daughter day
Howard watched the baby a good part of the day today so I could go to the library with my mom, help her file her taxes and allow me to go to the store without children grabbing things off of the shelves, lol. I really do love him!
After filing her taxes, she turned, looked at me and said, “Why do I have to make everything so damn complicated?”
That’s a typical woman trait mom. I think it comes with the genetalia. Yeah, she needs to clean my windshield now. It got soaked. I really should learn some tact. Or, rather, not speak when others are drinking. 🙂
When I got home Howard was doing the thing that apparently a few men do. He would talk to me and be perfectly fine. I’d try to discuss something with him and OMG! The world caved in and the rocks annoyed him. He got over it. I did say I loved him, right? 🙂

EDIT: Oh and I was told to pencil in that the net would be on in one week. Then I can finally transfer all these damn entries to my blog! SCORE!

4/9/08- 15!!!
Maddie’s 15 months old today. She had a checkup this morning and it was…informative, to say the least.
1st thing is she weighs 23 pounds 10 ounces, and was over 33”! That’s a 2 pound, 5 ounce weight gain and over a 2 inch growth! She’s in the 90th percentile for height and 50-60th for weight.
Her little spring fever allergy runny nose has turned into a bit of bronchitis! We gave her a nebulizer treatment last night because I feared that, and turns out, my fears were accurate. So, he prescribed her an antibiotic and 2 allergy medications.
Then he did an assessment of where she is developmentally and boy was he impressed. Although she was terribly shy with him, clinging to me like a wet rag she managed to show him what she could do as far as imaginative play (she flips through pages of books and spouts off words like she’s reading), she has a vocabulary of 12 words from what he could tell (she actually has a few more) and she’s very observant and comprehends really well for a 15 month old! I’m proud.
Then came the physical part. She’s lagging. I knew she was but everyone kept telling me she’d catch up. I thought so too, but deep down I knew something was up, even with her being a preemie. Her legs are very strong; she’s been able to hold her own weight since she was 4-5 months old! Her muscle tone is awesome; she’s very strong, nothing wrong actually PHYSICALLY with her. But she’s lagging in the ‘brain, tell my body to walk, crawl, ect.’. She doesn’t pull up unless we help her. She doesn’t cruise. She doesn’t crawl, or even attempt to. She walks, hell she RUNS when she holds our fingers. And when she’s in her walker (which we have oh a very low setting so she has to stand to move herself and use her legs) she can chase her 7 year old sister down!
So, he gave me the number to a good PT that will come to our house and with a handful of visits he said she will be chasing us down, minus the walker. He thinks a few should do it and she WILL be walking by the time she’s 18 months. I trust that man, he’s thorough and he knows what he’s doing and talking about so…yeah.
I’m going to call the PT today! Wish us luck! 🙂

OH! She also got 3 vaccinations that we both cried during. Poor thing! She’s pretty fussy so she’s sleeping now, hence the computer time, lol.

SECOND ENTRY: Auto Service Extrodinare!
We spent from 3pm-9pm at my mom’s house. Why? Howard was trying to fix my mom’s friend…oh god, too complicated. Her name is Vicki. He was trying to fix her car yet again, with the next problem with it.
Kenzie was terrible. She was defiant, wasn’t listening, it was hell with her and Vicki’s daughter lol. Maddie was so fussy and tired and obviously wanted the comforts of her own home. She was miserable the majority of the time. Finally, at 9, half an hour past Kenzie’s bed time and with poor Maddie crying constantly I told Howard if he didn’t call it a night, I was leaving without him. He quit. Thank God for small favors.

April 1st-4th

4/1/08- DOWNTOWN
Today we went DOWNTOWN and I mean like to the capitol downtown. It was gorgeous! I forgot how much I enjoy a crowded city. I love Austin. The actual city is so amazing. I kept doing these long, dramatic sighs the whole time, lol. I didn’t realize that I was until Howard pointed it out. I haven’t been to the capitol since I was very young and I forgot how beautiful it is.
I wonder what I’d be like to live in the city and be an actual ‘Austinite’. Hmm, interesting.

4/2/08- Dancing Queen!
Maddie has been doing the ‘bob to music’ thing for months now (If you’re a mom, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about). We’re very musical in this house, so she’s used to it and loves it! And today, while watching her sister, she learned a couple more dance moves. Click HERE to observe, trust me…click it.

Kenzie has been overly sensitive and moody today. She started off the day by crying because she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to say goodbye to Maddie, because she was still sleeping. She was able to though, and that calmed her down.
I’m concerned about her behavior because we have a very busy weekend up ahead and I hope she isn’t too worn out from all the crap we’ve done lately. We’ve been so incredibly busy! When she got home, she was even more moody! Getting very frustrated, almost to the point of tears when doing her homework because frankly she was too tired to concentrate.
I tried to get her to stop, to do it later, but she refused. She wanted to get it done, now. Okie dokie!

4/4/08-Midnight Riders
Man I don’t know what was up with my kids last night! They were both exhausted and went to bed without too much of a fight. At 1:45am they are both awake and crying! I knew there was supposed to be storms during the night, and thought they might have woken them up, but when I looked at the weather, it wasn’t even drizzling! Kenzie had a nightmare, that she told me later was that Howard and I got divorced and I left her and Maddie and moved to another house.
Then before I could say a word she said, I know you would never do that mom, because you’re the best mom in the world, but it scared me. I hugged her and smiled. She knows me well. I explained divorce. I explained the reasoning behind divorce, and that if it ever happened in no way would it be her fault, or anyone’s fault except for Mommy and Daddy. I told her that she will always be loved and we’d still be a family, we just wouldn’t live together. She said she understood and smiled.
Anyway, after that early morning chat, the girls went to bed and Maddie got woken up by some thunder around 5am. I brought her in our room to sleep, which was quite a trip, she slept IN my shirt, no joke. She crawled up my shirt, and had her head poking out the top, She’s weird.
It’s still storming outside and is supposed to until early afternoon. Let’s hope the day goes by a little smoother then it did last night.
Oh and strangely, I’m in a pretty good mood even though I had my sleep disturbed, which does NOT happen often! Lol

SECOND ENTRY: Woah…Linda Blair moment!
Although, I had a weird night, my good mood is continuing and I had a pretty good day today too!
This evening was pretty eventful! My mom has a friend that lived in her complex, and Mackenzie adores her daughter who’s 6. She’s a single mom, living on child support with a very old car. Howard’s trying to help that car stay on the road instead of on the side of it.
So, all evening we had a household of people!
The girls did have a good time playing though. Man, I now know why my mom got so annoyed with me when I had friends over at that age. They’re so dramatic, constantly tattling on eachother and constantly showing off to the adults. It was do adorable, at first. Got old real quick, lol.


3/23/08- Overcooked egg
**Yet again, another long entry
Happy Easter!
Last night after Howard dropped my parents off at home, he stopped by Walgreens to pick up some candy {Yeah, we totally forgot about this lol}.
After he got home with $25 worth of candy and stuffed animals for the girls we got their baskets together and I passed out on the couch while Howard played video games, lol.
This morning Kenzie tore into the baskets before I could even put my glasses on. I told her to put it all back and wait for Howard to get up. Yeah, he didn’t want to get up. J I made a big breakfast and finally went and woke Howard up so the girls could tear into their baskets. Maddie had a squeal attack at the bunny in the basket accompanied by the stuffed Shamu we got her the night before.

Kenzie got a ton of hair accessories, candy, gum, bunny. Maddie got bunny, 2 outfits including a bathing suit and hair accessories as well! After Howard got up, we got decent and went to Danielle’s moms house for late lunch early dinner type thing. She invited us on Friday and since we didn’t want to do anything here because of our busy weekend it worked out great! The food was AWESOME! OMG! We ate, talked, laughed, watch the kids play. We discussed wedding details {her mom is getting married at the end of May}. Realtime Edit: She eloped 2 weeks ago
Then Howard and Danielle went outside to hide a bagillion plastic eggs.
It was a lot of fun. Beckham would not stop eating the jelly beans inside the eggs and Kenzie wouldn’t stop showing her butt. Literally, half her rear was hanging out of her jeans lol. Lovely. Maddie just kept pointing at the eggs she could see saying, BALL? BALL? BALL! Lol She even picked a few!

Oh, he found the Jelly Beans!

Butt shot!

She loved watching them!

When Howard and Danielle were hiding eggs her mom showed me a carton of confetti eggs. I am so getting Howard! Lol! After the kids did the egg hunt I was holding Maddie on my hip and walked up to Howard and gave him a kiss and a hug and cracked 2 confetti eggs over his head. He laughed, we all laughed. All of us, except Maddie. That child screamed so loud I think people in Lousiana heard her! She didn’t understand why there was a sea of little colored circles going all over her daddy and she didn’t like it! Of course, he got me, and she screamed some more! Kenzie got Danielle and Beckham and Howard got Kenzie and Kathy, Danielle’s mom.

Howard and Kathy:


Me and Miss Maddie:

Easter was pretty damn good.
After we left Kathy’s, we stopped by Sonic, even though our heads were still covered in confetti!  Howard and I leaned in to eachother and had our heads together. Kenzie made this large, dramatic sigh and said, awwwwww cupcakes!! Ha, I love that kid!
Oh, did I mention that I have one wicked ass sunburn in weird places from Sea World?

3/24/08- Oh good God, It’s Monday ALREADY?!
We need more rest! Lol omg, we are all zombies! Lol. Kenzie’s student of the week this week so there was no way I was keeping her out, even for a day, lol. We were late to school this morning though. J
Man that kid, first she gets an awesome birthday party, goes to Sea World, then spends Easter with her favorite toddler and now a whole week devoted to her at school!
I went to store today to get some diapers, ect. Then we went to pick up Kenzie at school, time to go get a pet!
First pet store: Awesome sale! Buy cage {the one we got her doesn’t allow extensions for the tubing, so we’re taking it back} and get a hamster free. No hamsters. The clerk says they have no clue when they are going to get them in because their mating season is off due to the weather. Oh crap.
Next pet store: I don’t see any hamsters here either! Crap! They do have a large parrot named big head that dances when I wave my fingers lol. Finally, we ask and he shows us to 3 cages off to the side that we missed {they were like at knee level} with one, 9 week old white dwarf hamster in it. It’s light gray with a charcoal stripe down the middle and charcoal belly. It immediately gets up on 2 legs and stares at us. *melt* It’s his last one. We pick an awesome cage and buy it immediately without a second thought. He’s furry and cute and fast, omg! Kenzie keeps talking to it like a baby, she is so beyond excited!
We get in the car and ask her what she wants to name it.
“Aaron!” no… “Eric!” no… “I don’t know!” Ok. She gets that from me, lol. After some long discussion, Mr. Hamster running down my shirt and all over me in .3 seconds and Over the Hedge coming home, she decided on Hammie. Hammie the Hamster, lol. He’s adorable and Kenzie ADORES him! Maddie points and him and says, “DOG?” lol

Kenzie did get a little upset when we told her she couldn’t feed Hammie pizza.

3/25/08- Disturbed
My mother told me the most disturbing thing today. When I was a child, I had a ton of pets. At one point I had 2 rabbits, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 bird, 40 fish and 2 hamsters.
The discussion came up that pet stores only sell male hamsters now to keep the population down. Understandable.
Then she told me that when I was a kid, I had a male and a female and that they would constantly have babies!! I never knew that.
I asked her what happened to them and I wish I hadn’t. She told me she flushed the babies down the toilet. No joke.
That is so terrible! I’m mad now.

3/26/08- Untangled in the net
I am really starting to miss the internet lol. I miss my moms groups, blogging, and being able to look stuff up. I feel at a loss not being able to google every couple of seconds {which seriously, I do, I live on the damn site}.
I can access very little on my blackberry and I can’t do posts for my moms group and I can do entries for my blog, every time I do, they don’t show up. I can answer myspace messages, don’t know why, but I can, lol.
I google but omg it takes FOREVER!
The cable/internet company has been out here once since we lost service. They said it could be 2-4 weeks. It’s been a week as of today. I’m going nuts!

I can’t even think

I am so incredibly exhausted!

Howard’s schedule has EVERYONE’S schedule messed up. Seriously. Maddie won’t sleep. Like ever. When he’s home, I want to be with him, which results in staying up until 4am and then getting up at 6:30 with the kids. It’s a vicious cycle, that needs to be broken.


**Update, Maddie JUST went to bed, It’s 1am. I have to wake her up at 6:30. Kill me. Please.

I can’t believe it

I forgot that Maddie turned 14 months old yesterday! I feel like such a dope!!!

Kenzie’s on spring break and we have a list of things to do while she’s off

  1. Paint stained glass project
  2. Movies- Enchanted, Alvin and the Chipmunks {discount theater}
  3. Inflatable Wonderland Day
  4. Finish bedroom

And a bunch of little stuff in between! 🙂

Wish us luck!

OH, check out these videos of Maddie in the tub…

Maddie bath jabber

Maddie Mama jabber Well, never mind on that one, photobucket deleted it because I had a naked baby on it.  Nice.