Yep, that’s me. I’m 24 years old. Happy being married and a semi stay at home mom. I said HAPPY not Sane 🙂 I finally got up enough steam to go back to church, go back to college and to work outside of the home with are all things I haven’t done in a very long time. My nervous breakdown is inevitable.


My other half, also 24. He really is amazing. He has a monumental temper but is one of the most compassionate, sincere and amazing people I have ever met.

Mackenzie “Kenzie”

7 going on 20. She is probably the sweetest child you could ever meet and it’s IMPOSSIBLE not to love her the instant she opens her mouth, which is also the thing that gets her in so much trouble. She makes life seem so much lighter, no matter how dark it gets.

Madison “Maddie”

Born January 9th, 2007. She is one of a kind. They broke the mold, that’s for sure. She looks just like me and acts JUST like her father. Free spirited, and not afraid to get attention. She’s like a sponge, which isn’t always fun. She loves to tell us no, and crumbles like a ton of bricks when we say it back.


Morgan and Madison are our twins. Morgan is not with us in the physical sense, although we feel her presence with us. She was only in this world for a short time, but made a huge impact. While most only dream of angels, I’ve held one.

And then of course, we have…

My mom, Karen. We’ve had a lot of issues that I’ve blogged about in the past. She really is an amazing mom and grandmother and although there has been a lot of things done wrong {not all on her part, I might add} she proves to me over and over how much she loves me and the kids. She has her moments, that’s for sure. She craves drama and causes it wherever she goes.

My Dad, Roy. So loving. That’s the best word to describe him. He loves his family deeply and it shows. He loves with his whole heart, I’m glad that trait was genetic too. His health is declining, quickly. His personality has changed, his demeanor has changed. He, has changed. It’s not easy to watch, or explain, especially when he doesn’t see it. He also has a manipulative side he loves to use on my mom and I. Tricky one, he is.

My Sister, Stacie. She’s a one woman wonder. Been married to her husband {Rex} since ’95. She has two beautiful children, Alyssa {8} and Austin {6}. We have an interesting history, and not one that is what someone would think a normal sister relationship would be. I admire her, look up to her and love her very much. She feels guilty. Guilt for the things she has had the opportunity to do, that I didn’t. Guilt that I have had to deal with so much and her so little when it comes to our mother. We love each other very much, but know absolutely NOTHING about each other. We’re VERY different.

My In laws, Linda and Howard SR. Linda is a wonderful mother and grandmother that has a hard time finding her focus on where her priorities should be. She has a great sense of compassion that can be shown by only her. She is known for putting her foot in her mouth, which does get her in trouble, but we still love her at the end of the day. Howard SR is a quiet man. He has his opinions, oh yes, but doesn’t like to disturb the dirt. My husband said his greatest memory of his dad was when Kenzie was 2, she came up to his dad, hugged him, he reciprocated and she said, ‘I love you grandpa’ and he said, ‘I love you too baby’. As a man, like Howard SR, not used to showing emotion, it meant everything to my husband to hear those words.

Howard’s Brother, Todd. He’s my husbands best friend, and mine for that matter. He’s close minded, chauvinistic, vain and impossible! We love him to death, but he’s more stubborn then a concrete wall. The one thing that can make him melt? our girls. Butter.Literally.

The Extended. I have a huge and crazy extended family that I love dearly. I’m so lucky to still have my maternal grandparents, my Aunt’s and Uncles as well as countless cousins, whom I adore!
I’m not close to any of them, and I can’t even put in words how much that bothers me. I feel like I am constantly out of the loop…or just outside looking in. I keep trying to change that ~ with no avail obviously. I’ve finally realized that no matter HOW HARD I try, I’ll never been seen as ‘one of them’. I do know if I ever needed them…they’re a phone call away.

The Friends. I am so grateful for my friends. They are the most amazing people that have ever been created. I love them all so much.

There are many other Characters in our life. These are just a few.


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